March 2, 2017


Oxford Fairer Housing Network consists of the following groups and organisations, and our network is constantly growing:

Oxford Housing
Crisis Group

Campaign group addressing housing inequality in Oxford

On Your

A University of Oxford Student Campaign. Students can get involved by going to the Student Union page here.

House of the Commons

A platform for events and workshops on the housing crisis

Edge Housing

Offering accommodation, support, hope and a future to Oxford’s homeless


Dedicated to the growing homelessness problem. We want to help support the existing services in Oxfordshire and we are committed to working with all who support the homeless

Oxford YIMBY

Oxford YIMBYs are people who will say “Yes, we need more well planned housing here”, and want to do what they can to make it happen. YIMBY stands for “Yes in my back yard”, as opposed to NIMBYs – those who oppose development in their back yards.


Dragonfly housing coop has been running since 2000, housing 5 people in a quiet road in East Oxford that backs onto Florence Park.


It is SOMA’s intention to purchase land in order to establish a sustainable community which is made up of “social housing” with tenants living in self built eco homes which they have at an affordable rent.


Over 20 years Animate Cohousing will transform a city block, gradually building a better neighbourhood and providing beautiful and sustainable spaces to live, work and play.

Community First Oxfordshire

Helping communities to help themselves

Renters Rising

A campaign lobbying for renters rights and a renters union


Contact OFHN if you wish to take up activity on this campaign.

Help the Homeless

We are a small group a students trying to make a difference to the homeless people in Oxford. If you think you could help in anyway please do message us!