March 2, 2017

Who We Are


In November 2016, a few housing groups in Oxford established that there was a need for collaboration and a united platform for our fight towards fairer housing in Oxford to be more effective. Oxford Fairer Housing Network was launched in March 2017 in order to support the existing work of grass-roots groups and organisations in the city to address the housing crisis. The groups and organisations of this network are unified through a housing charter which aims to identify and improve key areas to make housing and community land use fairer.

Oxford Fairer Housing Network aims to share news and events about housing in Oxford, bring housing groups together, build a stronger voice to counter established narratives, promote actions that promote fairer housing and create a unifying voice.

Groups engaged with housing activity in Oxford can join by sending in the following information:

Group Name, a short description of the groups purpose, website, e-mail address, phone number, facebook page, twitter handle.


Benefits to members of the network 

  • Opportunity to promote your group on OFHN website
  • Opportunity to attend regular OFHN networking meetings
  • Opportunities for collaborative working
  • Contribute to and receive updates about OFHN network activities