March 2, 2017


Home Share Oxford Age UK

Home Share Oxford aim to match people already in the city, who have a spare room and who want to help and support the younger generation, with people who need accommodation in Oxford and who want to be part of a home and lend a hand.

In return for a room, the Homesharer will provide 10 hours of help around the home each week for the Householder.

This help will vary for each Homeshare. It may include things like cooking, gardening, cleaning, shopping and companionship.

What is required:

  • an application fee paid with the Application Form (£25 for Homesharers)
  • a match fee – paid on successful completion of a match (£70)
  • Applicants will need to pay an additional fee for their DBS checks.
  • Each month the Homesharer pays a contribution to living costs (CLC):
    • 75% of this goes to the Householder as a Use and Occupation Charge (UAO Charge) to go towards the extra costs of having a sharer
    • 25% of this goes to the Homeshare Oxford Scheme – this monthly fee supports the Homeshare Scheme going forward and enables the continued support of the match

Age UK Home Share Website

Telephone: 01865 410670

Property guardians

Ever walked past an empty property and wondered why it’s empty and why no one is living there? There can be many reasons, perhaps the owners are overseas or the property is waiting to be sold or is waiting for planning permission.

In the meantime, these properties could be home to you and in return you pay a low rent and look after the property.

It is a pretty transient way of living but if you are looking for something short term and you travel lightly then it’s worth having a look around.

Sounds too good to be true? Have a look at this BBC report of an Oxfordshire Property Guardian paying £200 PCM for a 3 bed house!

Some companies worth looking at:

AdHoc Property Guardians


Dot dot dot properties

Free accommodation in exchange for work- Summertown!

Free rent and utilities in exchange for 14-15 hours of assistance per week (approx 2 hrs per day). You will be part of a small international team. Work arranged to suit the flexibility of your schedules and cover my assistance needs.

Nature of work:
The Householder has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair. Volunteers will need to help with personal care, exercise schedule + general household duties, including mainly vegetarian cooking. Ideally all housemates are to be involved in various eco-projects in the house and garden. Full driving licence desired but not essential.

This set-up would suit women and men with a flexible schedule, e.g. Post-graduate research students. WWOOFers with an interest in a long-term placement. Anyone with an interest in physical or holistic therapies.

Singles and couples of all orientations are welcome to apply.

Next steps

Follow this link to review the full details:

Housing Co-Ops

Creating a housing Co-Op can be daunting and we are working with Kindling to create a robust guide for you.

Kindling is a housing co-operative looking to purchase a house in Oxford or the surrounding area. The co-operative consists of a network of 20 individuals currently living, working and privately renting in Oxford who wish to take control of their housing situation and create a secure, affordable, low-impact, collectively owned and managed home together.

More information on the Kindling Co-Op

Oxford Community Land Trust

A Community Land Trust (a CLT) is an organisation set up to own and manage land by and for a local community. Through this organisation, the land is owned by the community in perpetuity and used for the explicit benefit of that community. It might be used for any purpose which benefits the community to which it is linked: housing, workspace, leisure or horticulture. There are various legal structures which can underpin a CLT but one key aspect of the idea is that the land cannot be sold off for private gain. Through this mechanism (called an asset lock), the CLT aims to ensure permanent and affordable access to the land for whichever purpose the community needs.

The OCLT are raising funds to buy land that they can build affordable homes on. They already have a few projects up and running, have a look at their website to see what tenancies are available and what might be coming up.

Oxford Community Land Trust Website


Host Oxford matches destitute asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants to people with spare rooms and open hearts in the community, who are prepared to have someone to stay with them rent free for a pre-defined period of time.

Read more about becoming a HOST here or e-mail o

Graven Hill Project – Graven-Hill-paintingA Cherwell District Council project.

‘The Graven Hill site is big enough to accommodate more than 1,000 self build homes. And there is the potential to provide a really wide variety of types and sizes; big individual plots for grand designers or smaller plots for people on more modest budgets. There could also be opportunities for groups of people to work collaboratively to build their homes, perhaps creating a block of low cost apartments, or a terrace of eco homes.

The Graven Hill site will be the first large-scale project of its type in the UK.

This is a ten-year project which is still in the early stages. Over £2.5 million of work began on site in early 2016, paving the way for sales of the first plots to open this summer. This includes the demolition of disused Ministry of Defence buildings and construction of the first access roads, all set for completion by late summer. ‘

Visit the website to register your interest and help inform the planning of this exciting new project.

What sort of homes can be built?





Across England, the Government supports a range of schemes to support affordable home ownership. All official schemes outside London fall under the homebuy brand of government backed affordable home ownership. The most established scheme is shared ownership, otherwise known as part buy part rent but there are also shared equity schemes (e.g. Firstbuy), and rental products, including rent to buy. To find out more you can visit the Share to Buy website.