Rachel is raising money to provide backpacks – can you help?



Once you donate you will have the option to personalise a backpack!

A luggage tag can be attached to the backpack with your name (firs name only) and a positive message written on the insert card, so the person who receives the gift will know that you have given them a helping hand.

Any questions please e-mail Rachel at: givebackwithapack@outlook.com


Things that Rachel will be putting into each backpack!

Item List:

-Lip balm
-Hand sanitiser
-Tooth brush & Paste
-Wash cloth
-Nail clippers
-Sanitary products
-2 bottles of water
-Granola bar
-Bag of nuts
-Bag of dried fruit
-Bag of cookies
-Instant noodles
-Instant porridge
-Bag of crisps
-Disposable cutlery