Ian McKendrick on the radio…

on st December 2017, Ian McKendrick of  Unison Health Branch did a very good job of exposing the housing crisis in terms of Oxford’s low paid workers, some of whom he represents,  on BBC Radio Oxford’s breakfast programme which has been focusing on the housing situation in the area all week.  You can pick it up on iPlayer.
He dealt with the consequences for all of us if those who work for our health and social services cannot find truly affordable homes in this area.
He was up against three local politicians and a spokesperson for CPRE, so much of the discussion focused on the same arguments we have heard many times before within the status quo.
Well done to Ian for pointing out that unless the crisis as it is at present is addressed by solutions that work for those on low pay who can never afford to buy in the ‘market’ then the future for all of us will be bleak.

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